????? NRS 675.170 Laws and requests of Commissioner.

????? NRS 675.170 Laws and requests of Commissioner.

????? NRS 675.170 Laws and requests of Commissioner.

????? 1. The Commissioner:

????? (a) May adopt laws making sales when it comes to management and enforcement with this chapter, in addition hereto and never inconsistent herewith.

????? (b) Shall follow laws to manage, execute and enforce the conditions of NRS 675.3693, 675.3695 and 675.3697.

????? 2. Every regulation needs to be promulgated by the purchase, and any ruling, need, requirement or comparable act that is administrative be promulgated by an purchase.

????? 3. Every order should be written down, must state its effective date additionally the date of their promulgation, and should be entered in a indexed permanent guide which will be a general public record.

????? 4. A content of each and every order promulgating a legislation as well as every single other purchase containing a requirement of basic application needs to be mailed to every licensee at the least 20 times ahead of the date that is effective.

????? NRS 675.180 Licensee to keep assets that are minimum. Every licensee shall keep assets of at the least $50,000 either used or designed for used in the conduct of this company of each and every licensed office.

????? NRS 675.190 Posting of licenses. Each permit will probably be held conspicuously published into the place that is licensed of.

????? NRS 675.200 Transferability or assignability of permit. Licenses shall never be assignable or transferable.

????? NRS 675.210 Places of business maintainable by licensee under license; issuance in excess of one license to licensee. No more than one bar or nightclub might be maintained underneath the exact same permit. Czytaj więcej O tej wersji????? NRS 675.170 Laws and requests of Commissioner.