Analysis class of Astronomy & Astrophysics. Basic specs

Analysis class of Astronomy & Astrophysics. Basic specs

Analysis class of Astronomy & Astrophysics. Basic specs

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RSAA runs its research telescopes within the Mount Stromlo Observatory and Siding Spring Observatories.

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Wide-Field Spectrograph (WiFeS)

WiFeS is an integral-field, or imaging, spectrograph, and thus a spectrum is recorded by it from each pixel for the region that is imaged. WiFeS had been designed and built at RSAA and set up during the telescope that is 2.3m might 2009. The style draws upon the history of both the RSAA’s Dual-Beam Spectrograph (DBS), in addition to concentric image-slicer concept associated with Near-infrared Integral-Field Spectrograph (NIFS) which was manufactured by RSAA for the Gemini Observatory.

WiFeS is made to deliver as much spectra that is simultaneous feasible over a consistent area regarding the sky, each covering since wide a spectral range as you can. It operates throughout the complete wavelength range that is optical. Two separate cameras are widely used to record the spectra, each optimised for a part that is particular of wavelength range. More details about spectroscopy and exactly how WiFeS works is found into this article WiFeS therefore the art that is fine of.

WiFeS has been employed for a range that is wide of applications, including:

  • Observations of enigmatic, extremely gamma-Ray that is distant
  • Studies of old movie movie movie stars inside our Galaxy that may offer information on exactly just just how it absolutely was put together
  • Studies of mass being ejected from young movie movie stars which are still being created and tend to be comparable to our Sun, to know exactly exactly how planets form
  • Dimensions associated with the interior motions in galaxies to find black colored holes within their cores and matter that is dark their external parts
  • Studies regarding the motions of gasoline around remote quasars and radio galaxies. Czytaj więcej O tej wersjiAnalysis class of Astronomy & Astrophysics. Basic specs